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Fast Appliance Repair Pro is the number one local appliance company for essential repairs.  Our main focus is exceptional service for our customers in Oakville. Because our customers are our top priority, we deliver the fastest results.

Our services not only include oven repair, dishwasher repair, refrigerator repair, but also washing machine repair, dryer repair, and so much more!  We go above and beyond to show all our customers just how much we appreciate their trust and business.

There is no one better than Fast Appliance Repair Pro!

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Our Appliance Repair Services

Refrigerator Repair


Fast Appliance Repair Pro has the most qualified technicians to fix all refrigerator problems for even the most popular brands. Whether it is something as simple as the the light bulb, or leaks, water and ice dispensers, strange sounds, problems with cooling and condensation, ice makers, to control panels and digital technology, and the list goes on. The technician will find the problem and then install any replacement manufacturer parts needed to complete the job to your satisfaction. 

Washer & Dryer Repair


There is nothing worse than a non-working washing machine or a dryer that just won’t dry the shirt you need before you have to leave in ten minutes.  Homeowners already don’t have enough hours in the day to do a quick load at home, let alone make a trip to the closest laundromat. Fast Appliance Repair Pro will not only get to your home on-time, the repair will be fixed before you finish that cup of coffee you need to get through the day. Need it done same day? At Fast Appliance Repair Pro that is what we do.

Dishwasher Repair


The last thing you want to do at the end of the day is wash all those dinner dishes by hand.  Schedule same-day service to get the dishwasher running again before dinner is over! There isn’t a dishwasher problem that our technicians can’t fix.  They have seen it all -float switches, impellers, solenoids, smudged glassware, pump assemblies, odors, and anything else. One of the most complicated appliances we use is the dishwasher. A small problem can disrupt the wash cycle, some can prevent it from drying. Fast Appliance Repair Pro will troubleshoot and repair all the problems.

Stove Repair


Can’t sleep and need a glass of warm milk to help catch some Z’s? Fast Appliance Repair Pro is always on call to repair and troubleshoot broken ovens, stoves, and range hoods. Electric and gas ovens will be fixed by our technicians along with most common issues with burners, doors, igniters, relays, switches, light bulbs and more. All our techs at Fast Appliance Repair Pro have the training, tools, and experience to fix any type of stove. Luxury brands and the newest models are also on the list of what we repair!

Appliance Repair FAQ

A broken appliance in a home results in one of two choices. You can either call for appliance repair to try to save money and keep using your old refrigerator, oven, dishwasher or washer or dryer or replace the broken appliance with a brand new unit.

Appliances have an average lifetime. If your broken home appliance is in the beginning or middle timeframe of that lifetime, we encourage calling our appliance repair service. If the home appliance is almost near the end of its expected lifetime, we would then recommend to replace it with a new unit if you can afford to.

These are the expected lifetimes of each type of home appliances:

Dishwasher: 10 years
Washer: 11 years
Dryer: 14 years
Refrigerator: 15 years
Gas Ovens: 15 years
Electric Stove: 15 years
Freezer: 15 years

Yes. Our appliance repair service includes a 1-year warranty on all parts and labor. We also use manufacturer replacement parts for GE, LG, Frigidaire, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Sub-Zero, Amana, Wolf, Whirlpool and many other common appliance brands in order to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. Don’t hesitate to call us at anytime following our service if any problems continue with your appliance.

We will. We load our service vans with over 90% of the common manufacturer appliance parts and the important tools to complete our repair service. If we have to return at a later date to finish a repair, there won’t be an add-on service cost. We estimate we can finish over 90% of appliance repair appointments on the first trip.

Yes. We will provide a 1-2 hour timeframe for the repairman to arrive at your home or apartment. We are aware of how important your time so does our best to ensure we arrive in the early portion of our scheduled service window. However, if an earlier repair or appointment lasts a lot longer than we anticipated, this timeframe allows our repairman time to arrive on schedule during the service window. Our repairmen always call 10-20 minutes before their arrival for notice.

Definitely. We can repair almost all popular home appliance brands. Please scan the list here. For any questions concerning brands that aren’t on this list, please call us. We can still order the necessary manufacturer parts to service any brand: